Renal anomalies in newborns

National Guidelines for Hip Surveillance in CP

Antenatal pelviectasis/hydronephrosis is generally classified using renal pelvic AP diameter or 'APD' (Gramelli Am J Obstet Gynae 2006;194:167-73), with outcomes based in this (Lee Pediatrics 2006;118(2):586-93):

  • Note that we generally refer to the RCH CPG for antenatal urinary tract dilation.
  • Where 'referral to nephrology or urology' is suggested, please discuss regarding local practice, given many of these babies are seen through our local paediatric outpatients.


Prognosis for antenatal hydronephrosis, regardless of pathology (Sidhu, Ped Neph 2006):

  • 98% stabilisation/resolution if APD <12 mm or SFU grade 1-2 (100% if SFU grade 1)
  • 51% stabilisation/resolution if APD > 12 mm if SFU grade 3-4